Welcome, to my website!

thank you for taking the time to look through and reading what my brand is all about! I am the founder and creator of Restored Apparel but Christ is the inspiration that pushes me to be creative. Ive always had a passion for art and design and always found some way to express that passion in most of everything I do but if I can be truly honest my passion in those areas are not what ignited the fire to be expressive through clothing.

People have asked ” what does your brand represent” ? I can answer that question in so many different ways, but the short version is,Restored apparel is a brand that promotes Love over Judgement and it hits close to the heart because it deals with the silent issues that most are not willing to be transparent about. It speaks for those who have gone through heart break, suffered loss or are still dealing with things that they are afraid to admit because of judgment from friends, family, church members or even leaders. I am living proof that you can be an active member of a congregation in church and still be broken, you can preach and still be broken, play instruments and still be broken.Restored Apparel speaks volumes in reference to the healing power of Christ and his Love! You don’t have to have it all together to be apart of this movement

We just want to make the world aware that wholeness can be a way of life and the process of restoration is only a hem away.

~Ebar Hopkins~